Monday, 14 September 2009

What I did last summer

Or is it still this one? Hard to tell, really: it looks like September 1978 probably did (though of course we've already had our very own 1978: that came in 2007), balmy sun, sweaty nights, but leaves already on the ground due to August autumn. Only back then (deep breath ...) autumn was autumn, and Hallowe'en wasn't being promoted when the summer was still lingering around (of which more anon: Christmas is also already being sold, but because I can't really remember before it had a lengthy commercial preample, I find it less personally upsetting in that case).

I must apologise for the many promised essays that never came (and for the absence of one in particular, the most emotionally exhausting for me and so the most necessary to write). They may appear in My Book, when the time comes. I'm still deeply unsure of what form it will take, and nervous about how on earth I could compare - in terms of the range of ideas covered and invoked - with the company I'd be keeping - but nonetheless I have a place now (and I will definitely have a place in the first book which currently appears on that blog). Then and only then will everyone, including myself, be able to discover whether I've been frauding everyone, including myself, all this time.


  1. Good on you for being brave to write that emotionally exhausting essay.

    I hope the book comes out soon.

    Didn't see Robin Carmody on that list yet. Is it because it's an anthology?

    Some interesting concepts and politics on the backlist.

  2. Indeed it is an anthology, and to be honest many/most of those mentioned as contributors to the MJ book are bigger names than me (and have achieved more than I have, yet). There will be more stuff here, though, including some of the emotionally exhausting essays.