Monday, 21 September 2009

Oh, the irony, oh the sainted bloody irony

from the Digital Spy forum:

"Americans have spelled most of our words wrong, pronounce them wrong and stick their flag against the English options for things. That's insulting."

And there are in this country people who don't believe that England has a profound problem on multiple levels, people who do believe it could stand on its own - and within Europe - without the decrepit yet reassuring old flag of convenience ...


  1. Oh, yes, that would be spelt, as in the past tense of making a spell or a certain type of bread (or process of making said bread).

  2. Of course, a lot of people argue that "spelled" is the original British English form, like "realize". But, as I said on DS, the key question is where British people today are picking it up from. Precious few of them have any awareness of British English before the Victorian standards were set ...