Tuesday, 5 January 2010

1960 to 2010: or one entrapment to another

1960 - village teashops
2010 - McDonald's

1960 - Eric Coates
2010 - Elvis Presley

1960 - quasi-aristocratic small ads on the front page of the Times
2010 - Warren Beatty bullshit on the front page of the Guardian

1960 - steam-hauled branch lines; the worn-out appeals to wartime "community"
2010 - the atomisation symbolised by the universal car

1960 - living on dreams of our own dying empire
2010 - living on dreams of someone else's

1960 - Old Etonians who were unknowingly economically strengthening pop but still came from an entirely separate and previous world
2010 - Old Etonians who are inherently bound up with pop, became what they are entirely off its back and to whom pop is no threat whatsoever, but rather the strongest possible institutional backup

1960 - control by a paternalistic local autocracy
2010 - control by an unaccountable global elite (we came close to true democracy in between, but it never really happened)

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