Friday, 26 December 2008

naming conventions

The title / URL conflict of this blog is twofold: firstly, it's the battle of parallel 1974s, between Robert Wyatt's socialist emotion ("Sea Song" itself is still what I want to leave this world to) and Genesis's lapsed-Tory self-absorption.  I know I shouldn't love both, but I do.  Also, I've seen the English Channel with my own eyes almost every day of the second half of my life (and in some ways I wish I hadn't, because I hate its power of symbolic division) and I'm still living large swathes of my life in some kind of cage, removed from regular human relationships in the exact same way that public school alumni have historically been (which is why Asperger's Syndrome somehow feels both a very posh condition and a very prog one).  You note I define the latter in terms of "In the Cage", not 'The Wall'.  That's deliberate.  In terms of self-absorption even I have limits.

Am I displaying more emotion than I did on the old blogs?  If I am, or if I'm not, tell me.

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